April 13, 2009

U.S. lifts Cuba travel restrictions

Per The Washington Post, U.S. President Barack Obama is reversing several policies involving the United States' relationship with Cuba, following up on campaign promises to Cuban-Americans in Florida that changes would come.

Obama has lifted travel restrictions, eased trade embargoes, and will encourage companies to build satellite and communications infrastructure between the two nations, per the Post.

Floridian Twitterers were quick to respond to the policy changes:

  1. Michelle Lacamoire
    michi421 (Miami, Fla.) Well, it's about time! RT @miamiherald Some travel restrictions to Cuba will be lifted. http://tr.im/iIPO
  2. Bettina Inclan
    BettinaInclan (Miami, Fla.) and it starts... On Monday, the Obama will lift some travel and gift restrictions for Cuban Americans....
  3. Michael Vega
    cubanmike82 (Miami, Fla.) Time to plan a trip to Cuba! http://tinyurl.com/dk67my
  4. induce
    induce1 (Miami, Fla.) Even though I'm not even cuban, this obama/Cuba thing got me feeling emotional/happy/content in my choice/excited for the future.
  5. Jody Brewster
    jodybrewster (Pembroke Pines, Fla.) Holy [expletive], Obama eases restrictions on Cuba! Ok maybe Rudo is right
  6. Frank Nardo
    Nardo58 (Cape Coral, Fla.) @ricksanchezcnn It's time now,1962 Cuban Missle Crisis has long passed,lets start with a new era of relationship with Cuba and it's citizens
  7. Luie
    LuieT (Hialeah Gardens, Fla.) 60 plus years of failed policy and now? CHANGE! President Obama kept his words and we are seen it now! As a Cuban-American in SouFla,Yeah

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