April 13, 2009

Mikeyy virus infests Twitter

More than 10,000 "Mikeyy" tweets have popped up in the past hour, and high-profile accounts including @breakingnews, @zaibatsu, @jeanlucr, and @murnahan were among those compromised (do not visit these pages until the situation subsides).

Some were baffled by the latest attack, the most advanced yet, which included malicious links and requests for retweets. The newest virus was presumably released by the same perpetrator who initiated the #stalkdaily worm, Mikeyy Mooney according to Breaking News Online.

Here's a collection of tweets amidst the chaos:

  1. Gisselle
    GisselleBella (New York/Vegas) @cdashspade yeah don't fall for anything that has to do with Mikeyy...this is his third time and now he's doing more advanced sh*t
  2. Chris X Robinson
    XRobinson (San Diego, Calif.) It's actually kind of fun to watch the Mikeyy worm on Tweet Deck. (Make sure you don't view profiles in yr browser.) One big mess, though.
  3. Rob Nelson
    guruvan (New York, N.Y.) ANOTHER BOGUS TWEET: "How TO remove new Mikeyy worm! RT!! " DO NOT CLICK ON SHORT LINKS IN THIS TWEET
  4. Sebastian Cario
    elcario (Dieburg, Germany) that darn #Mikeyy got me without clicking a profile... strange. #twittergewurme
  5. Danny!
    DannySwain (Atlanta, Ga.) @alice_wonder LOLz just thought I'd have a lil fun with this Mikeyy thing...figures when I finally sign up for Twit I gotta deal with this
  6. Zach Holman
    holman (Palo Alto, Calif.) This Mikeyy attack is actually slightly cool. Pretty quick uptake and trending. It's fun to reverse engineer these things.
  7. Kamikka McCoy
    mynameiskaye (Atlanta, Ga.) @jheneaiko u have the mikeyy virus.. download tweetdeck.. adn stop using twitter.com... seriosuly..

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