April 13, 2009

A Day in Seoul

Seoul is home to more than 10 million people and is the second largest metropolitan area in the world next to Tokyo. Here's what some people are up to in the capital of South Korea this Monday morning.

  1. Gilbert Corrales
    samiq just got the update from my family after easter time. good to hear my mom on the phone ;-)
  2. Tara-Chan
    tarachan012 Okay. Time to get to work. Need to stop watching realtime #amazonfail XD
  3. 허진호 (Jin Ho Hur)
    hur 옥외 테이블에서 케익과 함께 커피 마시기에 정말 좋은 날씨. wifi만 있었으면 완벽하였을텐데 ^^ (With cake and coffee at outdoor tables drinking really good weather. I could only complete the link that was sent would have wifi ^ ^)
  4. Denise Miller
    denisermiller First bday party with 4-year-olds today. Whole class brought her presents, and dressed-up bday girl gave stickers in return. Pretty adorable
  5. John Ramey
    tBOBXerxes sittin at home and eating some ddokboki. Gotta love an hour and a half long lunch break.
  6. Dan Gray
    seouleats I just got finished from lunch. I went to the Bistro Corner for lunch. They have the best onion rings
  7. JoongWook Kim
    JoongWook I've just got joined this site 'twitter'. I'm eager to have friends in here.

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