April 6, 2009

Twitter used to relay information following Italy quake

Per France 24, the death toll of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that hit L’Aquila, Italy, Monday morning, has risen to more than 150 according to hospital sources, and rescue operations have continued into the night. It is 9:30 p.m. local time in Rome as of this post.

Hundreds of Twitter users in Italy and elsewhere closely followed the aftermath of the quake using the hashtag #terremoto (Italian for earthquake).

Italian twitterers have used tweets to provide an array of information, including ways to assist in rescue efforts, how to donate blood, photographs of damage, and stories from the scene.

  1. Alessandro Marconi
    djslump (Rome, Italy) RT @AlohaArleen Plse send a mssge so ppl w. friends/family in Italy know 2 use #italy #terremoto #earthquake 4 updates.Plz RT (via @judyrey)
  2. Bernhardwarner
    Bernhardwarner (Rome, Italy) Images coming in from centro storico L'Aquila, now in rubble. #terremoto. 27 dead. Sadly, more expected. http://tinyurl.com/dmhru4
  3. bevero
    bevero (Rome, Italy) Terremoto in Abruzzo, la mappa delle vittime e dei danni http://ow.ly/2agD #italy #terremoto #earthquake #abruzzo
  4. Andrea
    womarketing (Rome, Italy) RT@Maiko76: #terremoto c'è bisogno di donazioni di sangue, qui a Pescara la FIDAS è aperta, vicino al pronto soccorso. 085 4222460
  5. LucaServo
    neoluk (Rome, Italy) More photos of the effects of the #earthquake at http://tinyurl.com/cwans8
  6. Simone Economo
    eKoeS (Rome, Italy) Six students found alive under the rubble of "La casa dello studente" University in L'Aquila. Finally some good news. #earthquake
  7. sampietrino
    sampietrino (Prati, Italy) #terremoto Coperte, vestiti, pannolini, latte in polvere, acqua. Portateli @ "Fare ambiente", Roma, in Via Nazionale, 243, tel. 06 48029924

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