April 6, 2009

Somali pirates continue hijackings

Per Aljazeera.net Somali pirates seized at least four vessels in separate attacks in the Indian Ocean. According to Aljazeera.net, a British cargo ship, a French yacht, a Taiwanese ship and a Yemini tug have been hijacked off the coast of Somalia.

The hijacking of these vessels occurred within the last 48 hours. Twitter users had some colorful comments in response to the story.

  1. Dean Montgomery
    kenszo (Sydney) somalian pirates nabbed 5 ships in the last 48 hours, they really do seem to be enjoying themselves over there
  2. Paddy_Bear (Sri Lanka) I've just been to Galle and back to inspect a ship which had been hijacked by Somalian pirates. Now starts report writing...
  3. absolutelyvile (Undisclosed) Personally, I think that Somali pirates jacking all these ships is kind of funny, especially if everyone's safe.
  4. Peter Pritchard
    PeterPritchard (Ottawa, Canada) Somali pirates are fascinating. The rest of the world brought that on themselves...
  5. Lou Tianren
    loutianren (Singapore) Somali pirates capture British cargo ship (again) http://twurl.nl/43j6y7. anybody heard of the new disney movie, "pirates of the somalian"?

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