April 6, 2009

National day of protest in Egypt stifled by police

Per Daily News Egypt, a day of protests on the anniversary of last year's historic April 6 riots in Egypt were largely shut down by preemptive police action. Activists called for 'a day of anger' to protest president Hosni Mubarak's regime, which has held the country under martial law since 1981.

Egyptian journalist Sarah Carr blogged
that police told her they had planned ahead not to allow any protests. Egypt's internal State Security dispatched hundreds of officers to critical points to prevent crowds from gathering.

However, blogger Mohammed Hamama reported a large demonstration at Mansoura University, about two hours north of Cairo. According to Hamama, around 2,000 students took to the streets to protest high tuition fees. He uploaded this video of the protest to YouTube:

In total 45 people were arrested around the country, including a journalist.

Many Egyptian activists and journalists use Twitter to spread news and rally people.

  1. alsharq (Berlin) Reminder: General Strike in Egypt planned for tomorrow, Check out some posters here: http://www.gaberism.net/
  2. Amina K.
    Aminatoon Check this video out -- April 6 Freedom FOR EGYPT السادس من ابريل الحرية لمصر http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-mXS6EDrzQ
  3. Tracey B
    No1huggles (Shropshire) tinyurl.com/dlozne police prevent demo in Egypt by pro-democracy activists. Why? What r they going to do? Riot? #radio
  4. bravoserve
    bravoserve (Philadelphia) 6th of April, another tension day in Egypt
  5. davidmfaris
    davidmfaris quick thoughts: 4/6/08 in Egypt succeeded because it was tied to tangible workers' struggle in Mahalla. Thoughts?

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