April 27, 2009

South Africa celebrates Freedom Day

Per Voice of America, South Africans all over the world celebrate the 15th anniversary of the end of apartheid, as well as the conclusion of successful national elections.

Thousands of South Africans packed at sports stadium in Durban to celebrate Freedom Day, the day 15 years ago when they gave the African National Congress a sweeping victory in the country's first post-apartheid elections.

Citizens of South Africa and friends all over the world are twittering about the day:

  1. Raymond K.L
    Razerkoul (Johannesburg, South Africa) It's freedom day in South Africa and I'm not free coz I'm bored outta my skull
  2. Uyaphi.com
    Uyaphi (Cape Town, South Africa) Working on Freedom Day Here in South Africa - LOL or OUCH !!!!!
  3. towerofgrace
    towerofgrace (Pretoria, South Africa) Happy Freedom day to all in South Africa. 15yrs ago on this day we got freedom. Enjoy the day and remeber that true freedom comes from k ...
  4. Jaco
    jacovanonselen (Undisclosed) Had a great long weekend! Today is freedom day in South Africa!
  5. Paul D THER.I.P.Y.
    pauldtheripy (Atlanta, Ga.) This day in history:1994 South Africa began its 1st multiracial elections, which continued over three days. Today is known as 'Freedom Day'.
  6. Ruth Beverley
    RuthBev (Lincoln, U.K.) 2day is Freedom day in South Africa but are they really free when many still don't have access to basic resources? Another world is possible
  7. Anton
    Pietersen (Undisclosed) By the way it's freedom day in South Africa. Public holiday!
  8. Nicole Menolascino
    NicoleMeno (Chicago, Ill.) Today is freedom day in South Africa =]

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