April 27, 2009

AOL launches new Web site covering politics

Per TechCrunch, AOL today launched PoliticsDaily, a "news magazine" focusing on politics. The site will provide in-depth political commentary as opposed to breaking news. Contributors include Walter Shapiro and Jill Lawrence, formerly of the USA Today; Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times; and Patricia Murphy, founder of Citizen Jane Politics.

Initial reviews from Twitterers praised the site:

  1. John Rydzeski Jr
    johnr831 (Clinton, N.Y.) This new site looks great!
  2. Helin
    helinjung (Undisclosed) shiny and new http://politicsdaily.com/ -- can't speak for the commentary, but it looks pretty
  3. :Dave Blankenship
    davorado (Murrieta, Calif.) A good move in these times RT @BuzzEdition RT @the_tech_update: AOL Launches Online “News Magazine” PoliticsDaily http://bit.ly/qYjml

One contributor of the site tweeted shortly after the launch.

  1. Tony Romm
    TonyRomm (Washington, D.C.) AOL debuts Politics Daily, an awesome new Web site. With it, my work gets a new home: http://www.politicsdaily.com/bloggers/tony-romm

Some Twitterers poked fun at the company behind the endeavor.

  1. JoePeicott
    JoePeicott (Los Angeles, Calif.) Breaking! Breaking! AOL launches interesting product! Only took 'em 12 years. PoliticsDaily http://bit.ly/Gwwhk
  2. Mike Lovell
    08lovell (Washington, D.C.) They keep on trying to come back from the dead don't they RT @TechCrunch AOL Launches Online "News Magazine" PoliticsDaily http://tcrn.ch/l2

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