April 27, 2009

Protest underway at Indian Embassy in London

Per multiple Twitterers, an apparent protest is underway at the Indian Embassy (India House) in Aldwych, London. At the time of this post, it was unclear why the protest was taking place.

Here are some initial tweets from Twitterers near the scene:

  1. .
    soniamcp First day back and i'm late. Caught the protest at indian embassy though. Wonder what that's about?
  2. Nicholas Thompson
    nick_thompson there are loads of police outside the Indian embassy in London chanting + smashed windows... Wow. Wonder why....
  3. Adam Wheewall
    awheewall It's all kicking off at the Indian Embassy on the Strand. Windows smashed and an angry mob outside. http://yfrog.com/089j2j
  4. Nadia Elghamry
    EGNadiaElghamry http://twitpic.com/43c25 - Police outside india house on aldwych
  5. Lewis Bryan
    lewisbryan Windows smashed at India House on Aldwych in protest this morning. Traffic on Aldwych very slow. They're still protesting, loads of police.
  6. Vanessa Gamet
    vanigami just saw protesters at indian embassy in aldwych. the protesters were winning.

BBC editor @smartin has posted links to pictures of the event in his profile. He calls it a "disturbance."

If you have information on this event and why it might be taking place, please contact us on Twitter @breakingtweets or leave a comment.

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