April 29, 2009

Slaughter of pigs underway in Egypt

Per Thaindian News, Egyptian government officials have ordered the slaughter of all pigs within the country to occur within the next few days in hopes of stemming the spread of the swine flu virus. The swine flu has now spread to several countries and the WHO raised the pandemic alert to level 5 today.

Egyptian officials stated that all pigs would be examined to see if they carried the virus before they are killed. Egypt is 90 percent Muslim and the Islamic faith forbids the consumption of pork yet officials stressed that religion didn't influence their decision to cull the pigs.

Twitterers in Cairo had strong opinions about the decision.

  1. Mostafa Hussein
    moftasa (Cairo, Egypt) It is pigs holocaust in Egypt :-( and it is not a necessary action.
  2. Mohammed Maree
    mar3e (Cairo, Egypt) @moftasa there is no any sceintific basic for killing pigs with out apperance of any infection
  3. Andrew Heiss
    andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt) Where are you going to sell the meat from half a million pigs?
  4. Ms. Four
    msfour (Cairo, Egypt) speculation that #swineflu and mass pig slaughter in egypt will be used as excuse to ban pigs http://tinyurl.com/c28pcx
  5. Mostafa Hussein
    moftasa (Cairo, Egypt) Do you think slaughtering pigs in Egypt will prevent swine flu from entering through the Airport? http://tr.im/k2Oy
  6. Magda Elsehrawi
    Maggiemelba (Cairo, Egypt) Latest about the slaughter of pigs in Cairo- the government will compensate the farmers who's pigs will be slaughtered. otherwise, vaccine.

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