April 29, 2009

Pakistan takes on Taliban in Buner

Per Al Jazeera, the Pakistani army has launched an air-and-land offensive against the Taliban in the town of Buner, Pakistan. The operation began Tuesday and is expected to take a week, according to Pakistani military spokesman Athar Abbas.

Twitterers in Pakistan are buzzing about this latest encounter with the Taliban, offering unique insight into the conflict:

  1. Sarmad Tariq
    sarmadtariq (Islamabad, Pakistan) Pakistani media threatened by Taliban to stop being anti them OR???????????????????????
  2. Umair Ali
    UmEEE (Lahore, Pakistan) a friend who lives in swat says that the government and army can throw these militants from the valleys very easily but they dont do it!!!
  3. Umair Ali
    UmEEE (Lahore, Pakistan) its a shame and unbelievable that we in pakistan have to deal with the taliban havnt we learnt anything from what happened in afghanistan!!!
  4. Imran Anwar
    imrananwar (Lahore, Pakistan) @LauraNo No swine flu in Pakistan where I'm visiting, but murderous swine Taliban. ;-)
  5. Scott Heidler
    ScottHeidler (Islamabad, Pakistan) The Taliban movement near Islamabad is concerning, but its not reported that there is at lease one mountain range between here and there.
  6. Scott Heidler
    ScottHeidler (Islamabad, Pakistan) In other words, the Taliban are close and need to be dealt with. But they are not pounding on the gates of the city.
  7. Daud Ahmad
    daudahmad (Lahore, Pakistan) Why were we stupid enough to believe that Taliban would lay down their weapons for a 'peace agreement'? #swat #blaggers #pk

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