April 29, 2009

Obama's presidency reaches 100th day

Capping off his first 100 days in office, U.S. President Barack Obama spoke on issues of bipartisanship, foreign policy and the current swine flu outbreak during a primetime news conference earlier tonight.

Per CNN, President Obama said he has been "sobered by the fact that change in Washington comes slow” and thanked the American people for their support and patience during the early days of his presidency.

Those in the Twitterverse offered their own Obama scorecard. Some were full of praise:

  1. snickerdootle
    snickerdootle (Ohio) I was in class all day and missed rating my boy Obama. I give him an A+ and 4 gold stars. Why? cuz his 100 days - impressive.
  2. David Brown
    Brown11e (Boise, Idaho) 100 days in, I'd have to say I'm satisfied so far. Bravo, Mr. Obama. Bravo.
  3. Healthy Ind. Family
    HIFS (Bellflower, Calif.) Obama!!!! 100 days, congrats for giving us more hopes, for standing up for hard issues like health care, females' rights, economy..Good LK!
  4. Eliza
    SwaggaBo0 (Undisclosed) Watching OBAMA: THE FIRST 100 DAYS on BET...I love this man 99 Problemz but Bush aint One
  5. Jenwho
    hobbes152 (Knoxville, Tenn.) I give a kudos for President Obama for the past 100 days. As a teacher, sacrifice was made and in the end, it will be good for our country!
  6. Daniel
    shafty023 (Austin, Texas) I think Obama did a good job tonight explaining whats been accomplished in 100 days, and whats to come

Others were more critical:

  1. Tom whitmore
    Thomasjwhitmore (Manassas, Va.) Lotta folks burning thru the good will, praising Obama on first 100 days, wait till the bill comes due! #TCOT #TEAPARTY #POLITICS #SGP #GOP
  2. Ty Austin
    tyaustin (Mississippi) Obama gets a D at best on his first 100 days
  3. Patrick Newman
    pmnewm04 (Louisville, Ky.) The Obama administration has spent years of money that nobody has, and it's only been 100 days. Imagine how much the can spend in 4 years.
  4. Kendra Ussery
    KendraUssery (California) The ONLY reason to give ANY attention to Obama's 100 days is to highlight the damage he's done to this country.

And a few light-hearted thoughts thrown in for fun:

  1. Alex Mizrahi
    WhatHappenedWas (Los Angeles, Calif.) @HowardKurtz You think all the mags that published Obama 100 Days cover stories on Day 95 regret it now, in lieu of the Specter switch?
  2. Kristi
    MissTrueStar (Champaign, Ill.) RT @bclorio: grading Obama after 100 days is artificial and makes no sense. who gets a grade less than a day into the first class?
  3. Dennis O'Kelly
    dennisokelly (San Francisco, Calif.) Obama now has an official White House Flickr stream. Nice photos that capture the first 100 days. http://is.gd/vfOj
  4. kellye smith
    kelbutt (Undisclosed) RT from @Slate: What Obama's first 100 days would look like as a Facebook news feed: http://www.slate.com/id/221...
  5. Brian Zimmel
    brianzimmel (Albany, N.Y.) It's a night of 100's - Lost episode # 100, Obama's speech on first 100 days, and Girardi goes for win # 100 with Yankees.

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