April 9, 2009

Rape victim loses suit against transit employees

Per MSNBC, a former New York City graduate student has lost her case against the city's MTA system, in which she claimed that transit workers didn't do enough to help while they witnessed her being raped in June 2005.

The woman was riding the G train to Queens when someone on the train grabbed her feet. She got off at the next stop, but was caught from behind and raped twice before fleeing, per the article. Two MTA employees witnessed the scene and notified their superiors, but did not attempt to take any other action. This week, a judge ruled that they had no obligation to take further action, MSNBC reports.

Twitter users reacted to the story with shock and outrage.

  1. Ms. Fatimah
    divademoda (Brooklyn, N.Y.) im shook from this mta rape story... never ride the G train at 2:30am
  2. parlance
    parlance1 (Los Angeles, Calif.) Enraged, disturbed and saddened by this story: Court: MTA Employees Not Required to Stop Rape: http://tr.im/idNh
  3. Jani Hayes
    joeyviola (N.J.) "Judge tosses suit accusing MTA workers accused of ignoring rape victim's plea for help". What kind of world are we living in?
  4. Amanda ReCupido
    TheUndomestic (New York, N.Y.) Things that make me sick: G Train Platform Rape Victim Loses MTA Negligence Suit (via @Gothamist) http://ow.ly/1Rdo

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