April 9, 2009

Indonesia votes in key election

Per EuroNews, more than 170 million registered voters are expected to cast ballots on Thursday in the first of two general elections, choosing between thousands of local and national candidates.

Indonesia will hold a second election, its presidential vote, on July 8, according to the article. Southeast Asia's largest democracy, the nation seeks to "stimulate growth, attract investment and create jobs," EuroNews reports.

Twitterers in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta have been providing updates on the election for the last several hours, using hashtags like #election and #politikana:

  1. djeedjes
    djeedjes @joycevh are u going for election?Starbucks is giving free coffee for people who had the election by showing their ink marked fingers here!
  2. Stephen_NFS
    sTeP_eNd has take a part on government election today.. This is my 1st.. :-D
  3. Budi Putra
    budip Following Indonesia Election report through Twitter (thanks #politikana!). Can't vote, since my name is not registered.
  4. Shintya Kurniawan
    TyaOwen just had my 3rd election and I did well :) I feel like I choose the right one this time *fingers crossed*
  5. Arief Rakhmadani
    ariefr just registered to vote. The crowd is bigger than last election's. Either my RT is growing or more ppl realize the importance of election
  6. Alfa Aphrodita
    chibialfa No, I am not voting. Didn't get the invitation, too lazy to drag my ass to TPS, but twitter makes me feel as if I was there. #election
  7. Mandy Marahimin
    somemandy This year's election is weird. There's a tps right in front of my house, but none of the people in my house can vote there. #pemuli09

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