April 9, 2009

Bangkok rallies bring city to standstill

Per BBC News, thousands of anti-government protesters lined the streets of Bangkok's business district on Thursday, with taxi drivers and supporters with red shirts leading the movement by blocking street access.

The mass protests have forced Thailand Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to declare a public holiday to deal with the situation, according to BBC.

Twitterers in Bangkok provided context on the rallies, tweeting about their impact and emotional toll:

  1. Rikker Dockum
    thai101 @jtindall I can't see the taxis, but there's no traffic and red shirts are gathering en masse. Rally cries are beginning, crowds cheering.
  2. thaicoup
    thaicoup Apt location for protest. Roundabout is a great metaphor for Thai politics. Keep going round and round. No exit. http://tinyurl.com/bxx7nr
  3. Jan
    baramunchies i don't see thai tv interview participants of rally to find out what is their true motivation. did i miss that part or does noone care?
  4. wisekwai
    wise_kwai Editorial staff has Abhisit on every TV; production room is still tuned in to red-shirt rally. #redshirt
  5. pongsathorn
    pongsathorn Feel so sorry for those patients who are effected emotionally from the protest.
  6. Lynn K
    bkksoul Thanks to #redshirt, tomorrow's a national holiday...except for me, of course. *shaking fist at dental gods*
  7. Piriya Sambandaraksa
    piriya #redshirt Police say, they can not arrest taxis blocking the road because they still don't have enoght evidence.
  8. Newley Purnell
    newley Images on a Thai web board of #redshirt demonstrations here in Bangkok today: http://is.gd/rDgG (Via @sugree @luke_bkk) #thailand

@chalet16 of Bangkok posted this TwitPic of the protest:

"#redshirt at victory monument, update"

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