April 7, 2009

New earthquake rattles Rome

Per Reuters, a "strong aftershock" rattled Central Italy on Tuesday at 11:25 a.m. local time. This latest earthquake had a magnitude of 4.9, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

Twitterers in the region quickly reported the new quake.

  1. Tommaso Passi
    masolino (Rome, Italy) #terremoto a Roma la terra trema ancora (#earthquake in Rome the earth still trembles)
  2. Miguel Marquez
    miguelmarquez (Onna, Italy) huge aftershock!! biggest yet. There have been about 250 since the big quake
  3. Alessandro Marconi
    djslump (Rome, Italy) #terremoto #earthquake #italy Just felt another earthquake in Rome, looking for more info
  4. Bernhardwarner
    Bernhardwarner (Rome, Italy) Another aftershock hits Lazio. Felt it here in Rome. A good few-second shake of my apt building. #terremoto
  5. newyorker
    newyorker01 (Rome, Italy) new eathquake in this moment!!! Italy, Rome

Update: Italian Twitterers @djslump, @dominik99, and @bernhardwarner, among others, reported a fresh aftershock of 5.5-5.7 magnitude Tuesday evening.

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