April 7, 2009

3,000 Tamils hold protest in London

Per the Times of India, Tamils protested in London outside the British parliament in regards to alleged human rights abuses in Sri Lanka on Monday night, going into Tuesday morning.

Police estimated around 3,000 protesters showed up holding banners saying, "Stop Sri Lanka's Genocide of Tamils" along with other phrases, per the article. The demonstration was reported to be peaceful and no arrests were made.

Tweets from London surfaced about the Tamils' protest during the morning hours.

  1. Kiniyak
    kiniyak 200 Tamils are blockading Westminster Bridge small police presence buses backed up across the bridge, loud but peaceful.
  2. Ashley Brown
    ashley_brown So it takes 3,000 Tamils to finally defy the stupid law on protesting outside Parliament. No sign of riot police trying to arrest them.. #fb
  3. tiredoflondon
    tiredoflondon certainly doesn't want to take sides on the cause, but at least the Tamils have shown London how to do a protest

Twitterer @mathew_weaver posted this TwitPic of the protests.

"Tamil 2 minutes silence on Parliament Sq"

@alexandermoore posted this TwitPic after the protests occurred:

"Just cycled past Parliament. Police, angry looking Tamils and lots of rubbish everywhere."

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