March 5, 2009

North Korea threatens civilian flights

Per BBC News, North Korea stated it cannot guarantee the safety of South Korean passenger flights crossing near or over its airspace in the Sea of Japan (East Sea), BBC reports.

North Korean officials cautioned that "security cannot be guaranteed for South Korean civil airplanes... in particular while the military exercises are under way".

The statement comes in the midst of a joint South Korean/American military exercise, which Pyongyang says is preparation for the possible invasion of North Korea, as reported by BBC News.

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Twitter users express their views concerning these new developments.

@MattNeale: (London) Wondering if I should get on a plane to Korea

Marietta, Georgia) N Korea threatens civilian planes - you fly -you may die!

(Location Undisclosed) Realizing they'd never stand a chance against a real military, North Korea has resorted to threatening civilian

@analoguepilot: (Florida) why i wont be spuriously flying my learjet over north korea anytime soon:

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