March 5, 2009

Church addresses abortion by 9-year-old in Brazil

Per AFP, "BRAZIL's influential Catholic Church today raged against an abortion carried out on a nine-year-old girl who had been pregnant with twins after allegedly being raped by her stepfather."

According to the article, archbishop Father Jose Cardoso Sobrinhoalso, terminated the medical team and the girl's mother for assisting in the abortion.

Many Twitterers criticized the church's decision.

@loiane (Vitória - ES): Se eu fosse da igreja desse arcebispo eu parava de frequentar! Na minha igreja aborto tb é pecado, mas nesse caso entenderam, ainda bem! (If I were archbishop of the church that I stopped attending! In my church tb abortion is sin, but in this case understood, good!)

@matt02 (São Paulo): Igreja Católica excomungou os médicos do aborto e a mãe da garota, mas o padrasto NÃO. Acho ótimo. (Catholic Church the curse of abortion doctors and the mother of the girl, but NOT the stepfather. I feel great.)

@FellowDFBR (Brasilia): como a Igreja Católica é hipócrita, excomungar os médicos por terem feito o aborto de uma criança de 9 anos, vítima de abuso do padrasto... (as the Catholic Church is hypocritical, defrock the doctors for making abortion a child of 9 years, father of the victim of abuse ...)

@MeEloise: Catholic Church in Brazil excommunicated all involved with making sure a 9-year old rape victim got a legal abortion. But not the rapist.

But not all seemed opposed to punishing those involved in the abortion.

@bastos_mario (Brazil): Uma criança de 9 anos fazer aborto é um absurdo. Mais absurdo e igreja excomungar fiéis que ajudaram a garota nessa situação. (A child of 9 years to abortion is absurd. More absurd and defrock church believers who helped the girl in this situation.)

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