March 5, 2009

Jackson moonwalking back

Per The Daily Mirror, popstar Michael Jackson is set to perform a series of shows in London this summer. The London Times quotes Jackson as saying these will be his final performances ever, and then asks whether the £75 ($105) ticket prices represent good value for money.

@ClipBlast has video of Michael Jackson's press conference in London.

Twitter fans across the globe reacted in many different ways to Jackson's announcement. Some were excited, others ridiculed the former "King of Pop":

@The_Great_Gazoo just heard Michael Jackson is planning a series of concerts in London. Hope the poor chaps nose doesn't melt off under the stage lights!

@DDNSmartMouth (Dayton, USA) Will Michael Jackson be able to moon walk during London shows?

@davidwalters (Pembrookshire, UK) So was it really Michael Jackson? Looked like Steve Tyler.

@kevmarl (Shepparton, Australia) Just saw Michael Jackson. Ewwww what a freak. lol

@BeingBrittany (Long Beach, USA) Michael Jackson will never perform again after July!? I think he's preparing for his face to fall off...

@cshields (Bloomington, USA) "Michael Jackson announces comeback".... is it really a comeback if you have to 'announce' it on CNN?

@iRidz (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Serieously considering going to see Michael Jackson in London for his final concert ever...

@danoliver Michael Jackson's fans are frickin INSANE!

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