March 2, 2009

EU rejects rescue plan for Eastern Europe

Per Irish Times, the European Union rejected a plan to financially bail out Eastern Europe which is experiencing an economic crisis of vast proportions. EU leader, Germany's Angela Merkel, rejected Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurscany's plea to loan 190 billion Euros for aid to the Eastern European Countries, according to the article.

The Twitterverse reacted in a variety of ways.

@eurobird (Fla./Budapest): The break-up of the EU is as of today after meeting of the heads of member states realize: you're on your own, when there is a crisis!

@sotiriskoukios (Alexandroupolis, Greece): after yesterday's EU failure to face the crisis, stocks slumming down...rock n roll guys

@ramobile of Vilnius, Lietuva, Lithuania, retweeted the @sotiriskoukios remark.

A twitterer in the Netherlands tweeted her opinion that there are more important bailouts needed.

@juliettelucie (Utrecht, Netherlands): wonders if after bailing out banks, carmakers, Iceland and Eastern Europe, someone could consider bailing out the climate.

Some twitterers turned to vulgarity, as frustrations continue to mount.

@PaulMac (Britain): Jg: politicians, brainiacs, haven't appreciated problems of resource shortage. Also eastern europe to go to [expletive]

@EverettStuckey: @GregorMacdonald we're so FUBAR we make Japan look like uh... uh... [expletive], there aren't any non-[expletived] countries left

The topic also fueled a discussion among American twitterers of who has it the worst?

@cmcfadden (Minneapolis, Minn.): the economist says that we may be screwed, but eastern europe is extra screwed. What could possibly go wrong?

@ToddSullivan (Westborough, Mass.): @EverettStuckey UK and Eastern Europe are arguably in worse shape

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