March 2, 2009

Skittles attracts global attention through Twitter

Per Advertising Age, the Web site of popular candy Skittles changed to an overlay of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Wikipedia at least two days ago, but the Twitterverse has just now exploded about it.

The hashtag #Skittles skipped up to No. 1 in trending topics on Twitter as the home page is a Twitter search page displaying "Skittles" results.

The move garnered international attention as it spread virally across Twitter. Here are 12 Skittles tweets from 12 different countries in the last several hours; all of which made an appearance at

@ivodeleeuw (Vianen, Netherlands): Was ik al niet om, dan zorgt dit er zeker voor! zie: - #skittles (Was I not, then this is for sure! see: - # Skittles)

@PeterRosdahl (Sweden): Undrar vilket svenskt företag som blir först med "att göra en Skittles"? Någon som gjort som redan kanske? (Wondering which Swedish company that is first "to make a Skittles"? Someone made that already perhaps?)

@_alext_ (München, Germany): skittles schafft die corporate-website ab. irgendwie schon groß. (Skittles, the corporate website from. somehow been great.

@jameswilson (Sydney, Australia): Oooooo! all of 's homepage is the Twitter Search page!

@kieranreid (Dublin/Roscommon, Ireland): Twitter continues it's march to world domination by using #skittles for one welcome our new Twitter overlords

@derome (Paris, France): Vous avez vu skittles ? marketing 100% social sans filet :) (You saw skittles ? 100% marketing without a net :))

@sidrahhaque (Lahore, Pakistan): 1.5 kg of skittles. you have met your nemesis. we shall see who outlasts the other.

@sylvainkalache (Tianjin, China): OMFG a flying pink Skittles in the sky! :O

@dhsteinberg (Toronto, Canada): Nobody loves Skittles more than me. @iSlutsky, @cliffpeskin and @jerzuk - please confirm.

@crayg (Johannesburg, South Africa): Ate an entire large pizza and a bag of skittles. Feelin' a leetle tender in the stomach-al area.

@newssky (Moscow, Russia): Skittles has changed its entire homepage to a Twitter search - brave! #skittles

@killyourfm (Fresno, Calif., USA): Whoever is behind Skittles' new marketing campaign is genius. Twitter users gain exposure, Skittles gains mindshare.

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