March 2, 2009

Sri Lankan cricket team attacked in Pakistan

Per Al Jazeera, "At least five Pakistan policemen have been killed and up to eight Sri Lankan cricket players wounded by armed men in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, sources tell Al Jazeera."

The first Pakistani tweets about the incident used strong language.

@omairzahid (Lahore, Pakistan): Whatever integrity that Pakistan had remaining (however small) has vanished in another display of mindless violence

@taalz (Lahore, Pakistan): Its the end of Cricket in Pakistan

@plusones (Lahore, Pakistan): SO IT BEGINS. Also: Poor Pakistani Cricket team. being shot at is never fun. :C

@asimzeeshan provided additional context based on what he was hearing in the city.

@asimzeeshan (Lahore, Pakistan): At least 6 siri lankan cricket team players have been injured in intense firing from unknown young gangsters in mumbai-style backpacks

One twitterer had a theory on who was behind the attack.

@madil (Lahore, Pakistan): i believe this attack on srilankan team will have some links with india

Some in India were also quick to react to the news.

@vevck (Bangalore, India): Its time 4 international community to control Pakistan, before these maniacs go out of control. Hope nothing serious wit the Lankans

@b50 (Bombay, India): Man, I pity the ordinary Pakistani citizens out there, to see their country implode and their leaders completely weak and useless

@rustedshri (Chennai, India): I wonder what that douche bag of Pakistani Foreign Minister will now say. Who the hell will they blame this attack on? #pakistan #srilanka

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