February 3, 2009

Obama cabinet members step down

Per the Washington Post, Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer have both withdrawn their nominations to President Barack Obama's cabinet as a result of "tax lapses."

In wake of the news, satire hit the Twitter stream.

@jmartinisu (Arlington, Va.): Who is vetting Obama's cabinet picks? The same group that vetted Sarah Palin?

Some lended Obama a hand.

@fritzpj (D.C. metro): Dear Prez Obama - I always pay my taxes. i will be happy to be any cabinet level position you have available.....THX!!!!

@kevdc (Washington D.C.): Would like to put myself into consideration for an Obama cabinet position as I am both available and current on filing my taxes.

@ryanpduffy, a Republican speechwriter per his bio, posed questions.

@ryanpduffy (Washington, D.C.): Three tax evaders in one Cabinet? Change we can believe in? http://bit.ly/3J7rdm #tcot

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