February 3, 2009

Australia unveils stimulus plan

Per the Associated Press, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced a new stimulus package worth 42 billion Australian dollars to combat the worsening global economy.

Australians reacted to the news with a mixture of seriousness and humor.

@tom_baker (Sydney): Well, Australia will officially be in deficit for the next four years (due to the new stimulus). But I suppose Kevin's just trying his best.

@uncster (Sydney): Stimulus package looks interesting... A Plasma TV in every bedroom by 2010!

@static_22 (Canberra): Can't wait to get my $950 from the governement in this new economic stimulus package!

Even a politician weighed in.

@premierofnsw (New South Wales): Kevin Rudd's stimulus plan is good news for families and the economy. It stands side by side with NSW's $56 billion infrastructure program

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