February 4, 2009

Unemployment on rise in Spain

Per EuroNews, nearly 200,000 Spaniards lost their jobs in January, the highest toll for a single month in the country's history. Spain's unemployment rate is about 14 percent (3.3 million), the highest of any nation in the European Union, according to the report.

The tweets tell the story.

@Ayram (Salamanca): Buscando trabajo para Verano. No importa de qué. Si alguien tiene algo que avise. Preferiblemente Bilbao, Madrid o Barcelona. (Looking for summer work. No matter what. If someone has something tell. Preferably Bilbao, Madrid or Barcelona.)

@ivanmh (Madrid): Lo más triste es que no hay trabajo ni para quienes quieran hacerlo de gratis. Y asi @grotuk quería hace meses que yo fuera optimista. (The saddest thing is that there is no work for those who want to do it for free. And so @grotuk since months ago I have wanted to be optimistic.)

@mgdarrell (Madrid): Spain has been hit very hard by econ. crisis. As of today most on my job are owed 3 months back pay. Times are tough.

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