February 8, 2009

A Day in Moscow

Every now and then, Breaking Tweets will highlight tweets from a specific city on a specific day. Those picked will tell a story of some sort, giving you a glimpse into life in that city.

First is Moscow, Russia. Here's some interesting Moscow tweets on Sat., Feb. 7, 2009:

@george68: Today, take a walk with my child, go to the sledge, painted and updated the theme for my tweeter.Well, saturday was successful :-), and your?

@sunset_heat: сегодня в институте 10-летний корейский мальчик упал в пролет между лестницами с высоты 5ого этажа, на кафель. крики до сих пор стоят в ушах ... (Today at the institute 10-year-old Korean boy fell into the passage between the staircases to the height of the 5th floor, on the tiles. screams are still standing in the ears ...)

@sunset_heat: на момент приезда скорой он был жив. (at the time of first arrival, he was still alive.)

@rfilippov:Прогуливаюсь как арестант вокруг катка, пока все развлекаются http://twitpic.com/1detg (Walking around as a prisoner roller, until all the fun http://twitpic.com/1detg)

@Phil_Meyer: My wife's returning from Ukraine today. Whooohoo! Uh - I suppose I'd better get things tidied up a bit around here

@ksenofontova: wanna be a student again (((so hard want it ... but no one else want it of course ... maybe after working years ... poor.

@prostophotos: iPhone pic of the day: Billboard in snow http://twitpic.com/1dail

Note: If popular, this may become a daily feature.

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