February 8, 2009

Australia fires rage on

Per The Courier-Mail, "The death toll in Australia's worst ever bushfires has risen to 108 and is likely to rise as Kevin Rudd calls the arsonists who lit the fires 'mass murderers.'" Entire towns have been wiped out and 750 homes lost, but Australia's prime minister said the full impact of the fires is yet to be seen.

A huge outreach effort is underway on Twitter, and it has been spreading quickly under #bushfires.

@ShayneT (Melbourne): RT @DrCris: Via (@774melbourne) Donations of money and blood for #bushfires needed at this stage. (Via local banks and red cross).

@TunaCrust (Glen Waverley): Australians rock. Check out http://tinyurl.com/aussiesrock Victorians asking/offering (mostly offering) for help re bushfire #bushfire

@sagart relayed personal accounts.

@sagart (Melbourne): A friend in hurstbridge who's husband is fighting St Andrew's fires says to prepare for #bushfires toll to sky rocket; days of fighting

@sagart (Melbourne): Another friend is now crying (with some relief) because rain has come to St Andrews where they live #bushfires

Some twitterers posted pictures, like @ben and @coliwilso.

@ben (Melbourne): I took a photo of the sky over #Melbourne after the #bushfire. Looks apocalyptic: http://is.gd/iNYm

@coliwilso has been posting a series of pictures from Kinglake, Victoria to his TwitPic account.

One twitterer lamented the death of longtime Australian journalist Brian Naylor.

@lukeii (Melbourne): #bushfires Brian's death makes it more personal, a man I grew up seeing on TV has had their life cut short But never forget all we have lost

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