February 7, 2009

More than 100 rescued in Great Lakes

Per the Sandusky Register in Ohio, more than 100 fishermen and snowmobilers were hauled to safety Saturday afternoon after being stranded when a slab of ice on Lake Erie drifted offshore. Ottawa County Sheriff's deputies and Coast Guard members had all the people off the ice within four hours, though one man died.

Those who live by Lake Erie were shocked by the news.

@katlet (Toledo, Ohio): @priestlychick I know better than to go out on Lake Erie in this weather! Silly people! It was almost 50 degrees today!

@thechrismyers (Toledo, Ohio): Who would go out on the ice today? Apparently a lot. They should pay for the rescue.

The event was more personal for one twitterer.

@MyGirlFermi (Luna Pier, Mich.): We heard the rescue helicopters flying overhead a little while ago to check on the Lake Erie fisherman.

@MyGirlFermi (Luna Pier, Mich.): Sounds like everyone was rescued from the ice with minimal issue. Glad my guy didn't get up early as planned to head out

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