May 12, 2009

U.S. soldier fires on fellow troops in Iraq

Per BBC, Army Sgt. John Russell, will be charged with five counts of murder for firing on fellow troops in Iraq at a stress clinic at Camp Liberty.

Some Twitterers express concern for stress on U.S. soldiers.

granolajoe (Denver, Co.) The Dangers of Soldier Stress: U.S. Soldier Kills Fellow Troops in Iraq [via Miranda622]

While other Twitterers criticize the unruly assault.

jayninedee (Philadelphia, Pa.) WTF? Anybody else hear about this? US soldier kills 5 fellow soldiers in a random attack in Iraq

Additional criticism for U.S. forces continues to prevail.

Klearchos (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria) "Suspected U.S. drone attack kills 9 in Pakistan", "U.S. soldier kills 5 comrades in Iraq".. Isn't there any TAMIFLU against US Forces?

josephchez (Undisclosed) US soldier on his 3rd tour in Iraq turns on his own side and kills. Battle fatigue or decrepit Middle East policy? Pakistan/india next.

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