May 12, 2009

One year later: China remembers Sichuan earthquake victims

Per the Global Post, more than 90,000 people went dead or missing after a massive earthquake hit Sichuan province, China, on May 12, 2008.

Today is the one year anniversary of this event, and Chinese Twitterers and others in the Twitterverse are taking the time to tweet in honor of the victims and their families.

  1. Kelly Leung
    kellydepp (Hong Kong) 2008 May 12 earthquake in Szechwan, China. 2009 May 12 today is the day for us to mourn for the dead *silence*
  2. Laura Xu
    lauraxu (Carlisle, Pa.) is in tears for 2008 Sichuan earthquake again but is absolutely faithful for the future of her lovely hometown!
  3. 周乔
    fir_zhou (Undisclosed) One year,Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake ,please pray for the people who lost their home and family.
    Zhentou (Zhengzhou, China) It has been a year since the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake,I wish the people in disaster area a bright future.
  5. Yvoria
    yvoria (Sydney, Australia) Heartquake caused by a powerful earthquake at two past twenty eight of May12th last year. God bless and keep u all!
  6. yue
    afra_w (China) I'm much more lucky than the people who lost their family in the earthquake!thank god!we must fight to the destiny!be stronger!
  7. Longxiang Ma
    longxiang (Beijing, China) 5.12, memoral for the victims in the earthquake one year ago!
  8. June H
    junhu88 (Wuhan, China) Let's pray for the dead in Wenchuan earthquake in May 12th,2008.
  9. Gary Wong
    gas915 (Hong Kong) one minute silence at 2.28 p.m for the Sichuan Earthquake
  10. Yuwei Zhang
    YuweiZhang (China) One year has passed since WenChuan was hit by earthquake..Wish the perished victims rest in peace and the survivors live in sprits.

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