May 11, 2009

U.K. journalist tweets being shot

Per the Liverpool Echo, Tony McDonough, a deputy business editor at the Echo, was one of three men injured by a spray of gun pellets after shots were fired in a "ride by" shooting at a Liverpool pub.

McDonough, still fairly new to Twitter, did what he was taught to do - he reported on the incident through tweets:

  1. Tony McDonough
    tonymc39 (Liverpool, U.K.) I've been shot in West Derby Village - pellets have grazed my cheek - I'm ok I think
  2. Tony McDonough
    tonymc39 (Liverpool, U.K.) i have four shotgun pellets lodged in the side of my head. Two of my friends were also hit.
  3. Tony McDonough
    tonymc39 (Liverpool, U.K.) We were stood drinking just inside the doorway of the Sefton Arms when a gunman on a motorbike opened fire from outside - not aiming at us
  4. Tony McDonough
    tonymc39 (Liverpool, U.K.) My t-shirt and jeans were covered in blood
  5. Tony McDonough
    tonymc39 (Liverpool, U.K.) I believe two doormen were also hit but not seriously hurt.

The quick reaction has Twitterers from at least three continents discussing the incident, with more than 100 retweets about the news. Here's a few of the tweets:

  1. John McKerrell
    mcknut (Euston, U.K.) Local journalist @tonymc39 gets shot and then tweets the aftermath (via @alisongow)
  2. Anders Frick
    frick (Taipei) @AndersOlofsson Undra just om @tonymc39 kommer att få fler än de nuvarande 17 followsarna... (Just wondering if @tonymc39 will receive more than the current 17 followers.)
  3. Ryan Gilchrest
    ryangilchrest (Macon, Ga.) I can only hope I would do the same. RT @askymi RT @paulbradshaw Reporter @tonymc39 tweets being shot:
  4. sarahhartley
    foodiesarah (Manchester, U.K.) @alisongow @tonymc39 good blog post after remarkable tweets - just hope that doesn't become too much a norm for getting a splash!

The Echo's news report on the incident can be found here.

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