May 11, 2009

Roxana Saberi freed from Iranian prison

Per BBC, Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi has been released from prison after a successful appeal of spying charges.

According to BBC, news agency AFP quoted Saberi as saying: "I'm OK. I don't want to make any comments but I am OK."

The first to report the news on Twitter was Lily Mazahery, a human rights attorney, who also broke the news of the execution of Delara Darabi on May 1.

  1. Lily Mazahery
    LilyMazahery (Washington, D.C./New York) She's out of the prison
  2. calperry
    calperry (Middle East) RT @lilymazahery "She is out of the prison"
  3. Lily Mazahery
    LilyMazahery (Washington, D.C./New York) She has left Evin and is now at home in Tehran with her family. RT @freeroxana: Roxana to be FREED!

For others, Steven Herman (@W7VOA), a South Asia correspondent for Voice of America broke the news, just moments after Mazahery. Thousands of "Roxana Saberi" tweets followed, as she jumped to the No. 6 Twitter trend.

  1. Steven L Herman
    W7VOA (New Delhi, India) Roxana Saberi is now free.
  2. Mari Kurisato
    MariKurisato (Denver, Col.) YAY! RT @W7VOA: Roxana Saberi is now free.
  3. Tony Durham
    rhamdu (Undisclosed) RT @W7VOA Roxana Saberi is now free.
    3 minutes ago from twhirl
  4. Lisa Goldner
    goldlis (San Antonio, Texas) Awesome news! RT @rhamdu RT @W7VOA Roxana Saberi is now free. 3 minutes ago from twhirl

Most tweets on Saberi's release this morning were brief, with "glad" and "happy" the most common responses. A few Twitterers expanded on their thoughts:

  1. Mom Vs Wild
    MomVsWild (USA) @ricksanchezcnn So glad Iran came 2 their senses and freed Roxana Saberi.Now we have 2 other reporters that need freed from North Korea.
  2. Nassim Assefi
    nassefi (Fethiye, Turkey) V happy about Roxana Saberi's release, but not relieved enough to visit Iran myself yet. Ironically, Kabul feels a lot safer to me.
  3. Wayne Norman
    waynenorman (Durham, N.C.) is happy for Roxana Saberi and her family, and for what her release might be telling us about diplomacy and reason(ableness) in high places.
  4. Ted Haller
    TedHaller (Cadillac, Mich.) Glad to hear fellow NU alum Roxana Saberi has been released from Iran. I will feel much better when she finally steps back onto U.S. soil.
  5. Emily
    emilyhilleren (Chicago, Ill.) In happy news: RT @Suntimes UPDATE: Roxana Saberi has been reunited with her parents outside prison.
  6. ElisabetMcLauryLewin
    podcastmama (Des Moines, Iowa) Relieved and glad that journalist Roxana Saberi is being released by Iran. What a scary time for her.
  7. Shawna Ohm
    ShawnaOhm (Undisclosed) Roxana Saberi is getting released. I haven't seen so many journalists this excited since Obama won...

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