May 8, 2009

Elusive terror suspect captured in Malaysia

Per the Associated Press, Mas Selamat Kastari, a man suspected of terrorism, accused of plotting to hijack and crash a plane in Singapore, has been captured in Malaysia. He escaped a jail in Singapore in Feb. 2008 and authorities had been searching for him since. Kastari is thought to be a commander with al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah, based in Singapore.

The news sent shockwaves across Singapore, as noted by numerous Singaporean Twitterers.

  1. obstaclejourney
    Lala_ZB88 (Singapore) FINALLY, Mas Selamat been arrested! Fly like an eagle, Crash like a MORON,LOL!
  2. WM
    wmwm (Singapore) Game Over for Mas Selamat! erm after 1 year? thats a long game...
  3. Sarah
    pingpingss (Singapore) wonders if mas selamat is dumb, has no connections or just plain short and trunky legs to be caught in Malaysi...
  4. Sashi Priya
    Sashness (Singapore) @nazzie86 I need to see Mas Selamat for myself, dude. I cannot trust the government!
  5. Straits Blogger
    straitsblogger (Singapore) Singapore is happy that Mas Selamat has been arrested
  6. Siti Mareyam
    no1crush (Singapore) Mas Selamat, the arsehole who planned an attack on Changi Airport has been caught. I thought that twat was dead. He should be.
  7. Snow White
    zulqisaqil (Singapore) Mas Selamat escape using an improvised flotation device says "DPM Wong Kan Seng"
  8. Loh Hui Min
    msChoco (Undisclosed) talking about the capture of mas selamat in gp class now

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