May 8, 2009

Quarantined hotel guests released in Hong Kong

Per Xinhua, local authorities lifted a quarantine on the Metropark Hotel in Wanchai, Hong Kong, on Friday, allowing nearly 300 guests to leave after being held for a week. A Mexican man staying at the hotel was found to have swine flu, prompting the shutdown.

Twitterers in Hong Kong and China have been closely following the case, providing updates on the situation and personal accounts.

  1. Kristie Lu Stout CNN
    klustout (Hong Kong) Party time? Balloons and yes, McMeals, delivered to quarantine "guests" at HK's Metropark hotel #H1N1
  2. Shaun Sinniah
    Shaun_Sinniah (Hong Kong) @PeterYEAH friend of mine was getting a tat in a hotel and ended up, a guy with swine flu was staying quarantined for a week
  3. Patrik Lockne
    patriklockne (China) People released from quarantine in HK hotel speak of "love, lust and laughter". Will there be a movie? (paywalled)
  4. Mark MacKinnon/马凯
    markmackinnon (Hong Kong) End of quarantine party at Hong Kong's Metropark hotel sounds like it was a blast:
  5. cheungster
    dc68 (Hong Kong) Thinking that the crowd gathering around the MetroPark tonight is akin to eviction night at the Big Brother house.
  6. Andre Martin
    AndreMartin (Hong Kong) With all the media buzz around the Metropark Hotel in Hong Kong, the world forgot there was another swine flu quarantine camp, in Sai Kung..
  7. SCMP
    scmp888 (Hong Kong) Take a look back at some of the videos from inside the quarantined Metropark Hotel in #hk Parties & not #swineflu it seems

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