May 13, 2009

Nigeria: Thousands protest high fuel prices

Per BBC: Nigerian police are on high alert in the city of Lagos as an anti-government march takes place on Wednesday. Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians hit the streets in protest of rising fuel prices, low minimum wages and the slow process of electoral reform.

The Nigeria Labour Congress has served notice to the Federal Government that more protests around the country would follow if the government does not meet its demands.

Twitterers in Nigeria and elsewhere covered the event:

  1. Dennis Ude Atuanya
    dennisude (Abuja, Nigeria) Crude oil theft in Nigeria's niger delta bears economic, environmental, socio-political and security problems.
  2. NEXT
    234next (Nigeria) Lagos/Nigeria - Police in Ikeja cheer on workers in peaceful protest march.
  3. Politics News
    WorldPolitics (India) Nigeria: Labour Protest - FG Raises Security Alert - #LinkTweet
  4. Francis P Barclay
    francjournalist (Bangalore, India) Security heavy at Nigeria march: Thousands of protesters take to the streets of a Nigerian city for an anti-gove..

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