May 13, 2009

Pope supports Palestinian state

Per BBC, Pope Benedict XVI shows his approval and support for the Palestinians' right to a homeland, as he continues a Middle East tour in the West Bank.

In Bethlehem the Pope called for a "just and lasting" peace in the region and encouraged the citizens of Palestine to denounce acts of violence and terrorism.

Twitter users in the region speak about the Pope's visit:

  1. Pnina Weiss
    Pnina (Jerusalem) G'morning from Jerusalem, where the Pope is currently a 5 min walk from my house. Think he'd like to try a hafooch?
  2. Orly Halpern
    JerusalemBureau (Jerusalem) I think the #Pope's walkout reflects politics, not integrity
  3. Fr. Jonathan Morris
    fatherjonathan (Rome, Italy) Doing radio tour today on Pope's visit to Jordan and Israel. One host expressed shock the Pope would call for a two-state solution. What?!

Some citizens are inconvenienced by the Pope:

  1. ASoldiersMother
    ASoldiersMother (Jerusalem, Israel) Tell that to the pope! Wanted to get across town yesterday...but driving there wasn't an option :-) At least 2day is better.
  2. Gary
    sarijos (Jerusalem) no traffic snarls today :-) The pope is still visiting somewhere else
  3. carol warady
    carolw (Israel) Spent the day in Jerusalem. Only inconvenienced by the Pope once.
  4. Jerri Benjamin
    jerrib247 (Jerusalem, Israel) The Pope being in Jerusalem is a traffic nightmare! Whole sections of the city are closed down. What a pain.

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