May 9, 2009

Roxana Saberi appeal trial moved up two days

Per BBC, the appeal trial for Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi has been moved from Tuesday to Sunday, two days earlier than expected, though it is unclear why. Her lawyer Abdolsamad Khorramshahi said he is hopeful that the 32-year-old will be acquitted.

Saberi has been accused of spying for the United States, a charge that she has vehemently denied. She had went on a hunger strike in jail recently, but stopped the protest in the last few days, according to the article.

The Twitterverse is trying to decipher the move of the appeal date, with many wishing Saberi well:

  1. Patty
    Pishba (New York, N.Y.) Hearing 4 Roxana Saberi,Iranian-Amer journo in prison moved to Sunday. Is this good/bad? @freeroxana
  2. Rachel K
    RachK10 (Undisclosed) Roxana Saberi to get appeal in Iran.
    . This whole thing needs to be over & Saberi freed.
  3. Mick Kjar
    MickKjar (West Fargo, N.D.) A court in Iran will hear Roxana Saberi's appeal on Sunday ... time for more prayers.
  4. george marsland
    twitmar (Yorkville/Toronto, Canada) Please support Roxanna Saberi in her appeal tomorrow!! Telling my Can/iranian friends to push for a fair trial!!
  5. Dan McGirt
    TroveBooks (USA) Iranian court to hear Roxana Saberi appeal. Hope this means release
  6. Jane Rodmyre Payfer
    pay4this (Minneapolis, Minn.) Roxana Saberi Update: Need to keep pressure on, remember 05/12 "review" not open to public or journalists. #freeroxana

A Twitter account dedicated to freeing Saberi, @freeroxana - about to reach 4,000 followers as of this post - has been actively posting updates on the case. Here are some of its tweets from today:

  1. Free Roxana Saberi
    freeroxana Roxana's appeal now set for Sunday, not Tuesday (BBC):
  2. Free Roxana Saberi
    freeroxana Roxana's appeal is tomorrow, and her lawyers still haven't been allowed to see her case file (NYT):
  3. Free Roxana Saberi
    freeroxana IRAN MUST FREE ROXANA!

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