May 9, 2009

Gas explosion sends flames high into sky in Moscow

Per Reuters, "A gas pipeline exploded in southwest Moscow early on Sunday, sending flames 100 metres (300 feet) into the air and setting buildings and cars ablaze." The Bolshaya Ochakovskaya street blast was visible for miles.

Sergey Smirnov (@eych), age 30, tweeted a link to this YouTube video of the fire:

Tweets from near the scene described the incident and added context.

  1. Vladimir Timofeyev
    vvtimofeyev (Moscow, Russia) Strange fire behind MSU information center.
  2. P
    Biggimot (Moscow, Russia) there is a HUGE FLAME towards the city, looks over 12 storeys high, never seen anything burning this , can't see what burning #fire #moscow
  3. Lisa Arzhakova
    Lizzochka (Moscow, Russia) i see a huge 100 m-high fire from my window - gas explosion... terrible. really terrible....
  4. Alex Arkhangelskiy
    arkhangelskiy (Moscow, Russia) it looks beautiful from a long distance, especially skyes over fire, i have vid btw, if you need it okay 15000$ and its yours=)
  5. Vitaly Dmitriyev
    vitalik09 (Moscow, Russia) Great fire is near of is really scary.
  6. Galya O
    iDiod (Moscow, Russia) Picture is pointless and can only show the height of fire - It was above the 17-storey building on the foreground

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