May 10, 2009

Obama's choice of Egypt for Muslim speech under fire

The White House announced on June 4 President Obama will deliver a speech in Egypt on U.S. relations to the Muslim world as he seeks to repair damaged ties between America and Islamic countries the Associated Press reports.

Per, Deputy leader Mohamed Habib said overtures by the United States to countries like Syria and Iran, and recent visits by US officials to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, indicated the speech would be used to further the superpower's pro-Israeli agenda.

Twiterers in Egpyt share their opinion about Obama's forthcoming visit.

  1. AhmadFahmy
    AhmadFahmy (Egypt) Obama addressing Muslims from Egypt is a sign of support to the dictatorship of Mubarak and gives it undeserved credibility. Why Obama?? :(
  2. AhmadFahmy
    AhmadFahmy (Egypt) Obama to address the Muslim world from Egypt. Crap!!! we won't hear the end of it from Mubarak and his regime
  3. Julia Simon
    jsimonsays (Cairo, Egypt)shocked that Obama will give his "speech to the Muslim world" from Egypt on June 4. Egypt? Really? Not a good place to talk about change.
  4. avantcaire
    avantcaire (Cairo) one in four arabs is egyptian. or why obama chose egypt in a tweet.

Other international Twitterers share their opinions on the news.

  1. ambrosine Shitrit
    ambrosinShitrit (London) Obama is going to speak in Egypt and yet again bore us about his Muslim background would not stop the Muslim world hating America and Israel
  2. amanda belle
    amanda_belle (Indonesia) President Barack Obama's plan to deliver a speech to the Muslim world from Egypt as part of a plan to keep Arab and Muslim states divided.
  3. Some Muslim
    somemuslim (undisclosed) I'm doubtful that Obama's speech in Egypt will tell us anything new, but am interested in hearing what will be said.

Twitterers from the states react to the visit as well.

  • Tanya Bachand
    tanyabachand @attyboi (Connecticut) If Obama wants to beg Muslims for forgiveness, Egypt would not be the place to go.
  • Arthur Piccolo
    arthurnyc1 (New York City) great choice Obama going to Egypt to give your Muslim speech ruled by lifetime dictator a country of oppression without any real elections
  • Banafsheh Ghassemi
    banafshehgh @whitehouse (Washington DC) am very puzzled by choice of egypt-led by a brutal dictator-as president obama's outreach podium to muslim world. bad message!
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