May 10, 2009

Jacob Zuma sworn in as South African President

Jacob Zuma was inaugurated as President of South Africa on May 9, 2009, according to reports from

"Crowds erupted in celebration on the southern lawns of the Union Buildings as newly-inaugurated President Jacob Zuma took the podium to address the crowd" according to allAfrica.

Zuma's presidential run has been shrouded in much controversy. Per the LA Times, "Zuma had to overcome rape charges (he was acquitted) and corruption charges (dropped by prosecutors last month on a technicality) to make his date with destiny."

Twitterers weighed in on the newly elected president.

  1. Bergen Larsen
    BergenLarsen (Randburg, South Africa) Is it bad that I couldn't care less about the #inauguration of #Zuma ? He's a turd & should have been tried based on all evidence.
  2. Carel-J Rischmuller
    carelj (Cape Town, South Africa) is praying for president #Zuma the Puma. May he exceed all our greatest expectations.
  3. Norbert Doetsch
    wildwasser (Koblenz, Germany) Since Mandela South Africa dropped so low, its sad, now with scum bags like #Zuma S.A. will just be another african fiasco.
  4. Eric Edmeades
    EricEdmeades (Turks and Caicos Islands) Is it possible that in South Africa the swines are strolling? #Zuma
  5. Jaysen Sharpe
    jaysensharpe (Wellington, Somerset) just watched the video of jocob zuma getting sworn in as my president please please can the DA win in 4yrs
  6. Andrea Amory
    AndreaAmory (Undisclosed) From Mandela to Mbeki to Zuma. I continue to pray for South Africa....
  7. John Ingham
    JJINGHAM (Los Angeles) Zuma is not exactly a pillar of stability but we shall see what he is like now.

Nelson Mandela was also in attendance. Pictures of the inauguartion can be seen at BBC.

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