April 15, 2009

U.S. cargo ship escapes pirate attack

Per CNN.com, a U.S. flagged cargo ship, the Liberty Sun, was attacked by Somalian pirates Tuesday as it headed for Mombasa, Kenya. The ship, which is carrying U.S. food and aid for Africans, has 20 Americans on board. The pirates fired automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades at the vessel, which sustained damage but was not overtaken by the pirates.

Reaction from the Twitterverse indicates shock:

  1. JohnSimonds
    JohnSimonds (North Carolina) liberty sun escapes pirate attack. US Ships 2, Pirates 0
  2. smallmadeline
    smallmadeline (Maryland) what is up with all the US pirate attack? "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum". mmmmm... rum.
  3. Pastor Tai Paschall
    pastortai (Austin, Texas) Another Pirate attack? C'mon guys that is sooooo 18th Century
  4. Kirsten Paragona
    KirstenParagona (Ipswich, Maryland) RT @andersoncooper: Morning Buzz: Another pirate attack on a US Ship! http://tinyurl.com/dd27rn -there has 2 b a way 2 stop this!
  5. Jamonte Linthicum
    shady_j (Baltimore, Maryland) omg ANOTHER pirate attack tho? what year are we in again?
  6. Lea
    LeaZen (North Carolina) another pirate attack last night? I can't keep up..

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