April 15, 2009

Afghan women demand repeal of new restrictive law

Per The New York Times, 300 Afghan women in Kabul marched to the Afghan Parliament to deliver a petition calling for a repeal of a new law that introduces a range of Taliban-like restrictions on women.

Violence erupted as 1000 counter-protesters surrounded the women pelting them with stones and gravel, per CBC News.

Per Al Jazeera,the Shia family law effectively legalises the rape of women by their husbands, ban women from working or receiving an education without their husbands' permission and forbids them from leaving their homes except for "legitimate purposes."

Twitterers react:

  1. Brandon Hough
    BrandonHough (Colorado Springs, Col. )RT @ nytimes Afghan Women Protest New Restrictive Law http://bit.ly/SGoZl ... amazing that parts of the world are still like that
  2. Debbie Buck
    debbiebuck (Illinois) am sickened by the new Afghan law! All women n the world need 2 go there @ same time. kick some ass! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30223599
  3. tassodikaios
    tassodikaios (Halifax, Nova Scotia) Finally, it looks like democracy is actually starting to take shape...Afghan Women Protest New Restrictive Law http://bit.ly/SGoZl

Many Twitter users noted the courage of the Afghan women:

  1. Heather Tran
    heathereileen (Tennessee) Not sure if I would have this kind of courage: Afghan Women Protest New Restrictive Law (permitting marital rape!) http://is.gd/sAt9
  2. Andrea Winchester
    RookieCookery (Sacramento, Calif.) Such courage! The world needs to support these women. RT @nytimes: Afghan Women Protest New Restrictive Law http://bit.ly/SGoZl
  3. WeNews
    Womens_eNews These fearless women will make a difference. RT @AlterNet: Afghan Women Pelted By Stones While Protesting Rape Law http://tinyurl.com/cw66q3

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