April 26, 2009

United States declares health emergency due to swine flu

Per The New York Times, the U.S. Department of Health has declared a public health emergency as 20 cases of swine flu have been confirmed within the United States' borders. Cases have been found in New York, California, Texas, Kansas and Ohio.

Some American Twitterers were unsure about the decision for the declaration.

  1. Ampersand Institute
    AmperInstitute (USA) 20 people out of 300 million is NOT a public health emergency, it's just 20 people with shitty luck
  2. MeghanJG
    MeghanJG (Washington, D.C.) Swine flu is now a public health emergency?? How did that happen? 4 days ago no one had ever even heard of it! http://tinyurl.com/c5fuev
  3. lovelydress
    lovelydress (Undisclosed) 20 people are infected with swine flu and suddently it's a public health emergency. 20 people is abt 0.000000065 percent of the population.
  4. Pete Brown
    downdb (Greenfield, Mass.) @dsilverman Could not agree more. People freaking out due to "public health emergency" declaration

Fear began to spread among some U.S. Twitterers, even though the U.S. Department of Health is urging citizens not to panic.

  1. The Katt
    KissaKatt (San Francisco, Calif.) Great, were officially in a public health emergency. I'm really getting freaked the eff out.
  2. Norma Powell
    NormaPowell (Michigan) beware...US declares public health emergency for swine flu
  3. Tracey GaughranPerez
    sweetney (Baltimore, Md.) @TwoBusy Yeah when they start using words like "pandemic," "public health emergency" & "global quarantine plans" I start wigging out a tad.
  4. Kelly Mitchell
    HawaiiRealty (Honolulu, Hawaii) WOW U.S Declares Public Health Emergency over Swine Flu http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/27/world/27flu.html?_r=1&hp prayers to all

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