April 26, 2009

Roxana Saberi appeals her case through hunger strike

Per BBC, American-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi has gone on a hunger strike in protest of her imprisonment. She was recently sentenced for eight years in Iran’s capital, Tehran, on charges of being an American spy.

Following worldwide protests and rallies, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offered a statement claiming to grant Saberi all the legal rights to defend her case; however, he has refused to interfere with the law and court rulings.

Despite U.S. President Barack Obama insisting that she is not a spy, her case remains unresolved, resulting in Twitterers all over the world to take a stand:

  1. nikimurata
    nikimurata (Yamaguchi, Japan) today would be a great day to free saberi....let her go!
  2. Dusan Velickovic
    DusanVelickovic (Belgrade, Serbia) roxana saberi 5th day on hunger strike. http://twitter.com/freeroxana got hardly 2,500 followers. poor twitter solidarity
  3. Luiz com Z
    luiz_com_z (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Roxana Saberi, filha de iraniano com japonesa, entrou em greve de fome durante a prisão no Irã. Agora é torcer por ela e pelo Irã inteiro. (Learn Roxana, daughter of Iranian and Japanese, entered into a hunger strike at the prison in Iran. Is now cheering for her and the entire Iran.)
  4. Le Combat
    lecombat (Austin, Texas) Why is Hollywood Silent on Roxana Saberi? http://tinyurl.com/cryxjg

Some Twitterers noted that today (April 26) is Saberi's birthday. She turns 32 years old.

  1. Susanne Ure
    SusanneUre (Ottawa, Canada) You can send a birthday message to Roxana Saberi in Iran through Amnesty International: http://twurl.nl/fsppg4
  2. rahau
    rahau (Oakland, Calif.) joins @nprscottsimon in sending best birthday thoughts & prayers to journalist Roxana Saberi, imprisoned in Iran.
  3. sheamusburns
    sheamusburns (Lawrenceville, N.J.) Happy 32nd Birthday to Roxana Saberi. Stay strong!
  4. Owen Allen
    owenallen (Sammamish, Wash.) Happy Birthday, Roxana Saberi. Please come home soon. We are praying for you. http://ping.fm/hkVos

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