April 11, 2009

U.N. to condemn North Korea launch

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the United States, Russia and China have agreed on language for a United Nations Security Council statement to be sent to North Korea in the next few days.

The document will use strong language, stating that the April 5 rocket launch was a violation of the UN's ban on North Korea's ballistic missile program, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Few tweets about the news could immediately be found in Asia and Europe, but American Twitterers quickly weighed in. They had mixed reaction to the news.

  1. M. C. G-wood
    Dean04Prez (Utah) UN to condemn NK rocket launch. Hopefully without any language which might prove offensive or otherwise insensitive. I'm glad thats over!
  2. Joel Gaines
    joelgaines (U.S.) Hey, Great news - a diplomatic victory on NK! The UN issued a Statement! Kim Jung Il must be quaking in his shoes! #tcot
  3. Geneva Wilgus
    GenevaMWilgus (Brunswick, Maine) alright north korea, sit back down, we all see you waving your hand http://tinyurl.com/cqh3ya
  4. Tex Geoas
    TexGEOas (Texas) @jaketapper That'll really scare North Korea! Not.
  5. Le Combat
    lecombat (Austin, Texas) Heads up! We're sending a letter warning North Korea.
  6. Roaring Republican
    roaring_repub (Rochester, N.Y.) US, Russia, China agree to statement on NK, reads "Very bad, try not to do it again. Really! (really)" http://bit.ly/4fWqNd #tcot

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