April 17, 2009

Thai protest leader shot

Per BBC News, the "yellow shirt" protest leader of the People Alliance of Democracy (PAD), Sondhi Limthongkul, was shot and wounded on Friday. In 2006, his protest demonstrations ousted the then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Local Twitter users in Thailand react:

  1. Matthew Hunt
    matthew_hunt (Bangkok, Thailand) Sondhi shot in his car; driver badly hurt. But I thought Sondhi and his Manager Co. were bankrupt - how can he afford a driver (or car!) ??
  2. wetfdstamp
    wetfdstamp (Chiang Mai, Thailand) So Sondhi's shooters, for 5 minutes sprayed auto-rifle fire into an immobilized car from close range and DID NOT KILL HIM?? ....HOW??
  3. Passakorn Hongsyok
    hongsyok (Bangkok, Thailand) This is a week that Thailand made headlines news globally everyday. The incident this morning ensures that there will be more to come.
  4. George
    georgebkk (Bangkok, Thailand) Police say 84 bullets fired from M-16 and AK4 rifles were found at Sondhi's assassination attempt scene
  5. Sucha
    sucha (Bangkok, Thailand) No one, red/yellow-shirted people, deserve death although he is Sondhi. Action must be taken against the assassination. wish he is alright.
  6. nkoleszar
    nkoleszar (Bangkok, Thailand) #Sondhi's condition now called "serious" but his life is not in danger. Well, not from these injuries, anyway. #bangkok #PAD #thailand

A couple Twitter users discussed the possible identity of the assassins.

  1. Piriya Sambandaraksa
    piriya (Bangkok, Thailand) BTW, that last one was about how Sae Dang denies Sondhi's assasination attempt, saying that nobody use a pickup truck to do stuff like that.
  2. Don
    smartbrain (Pathumthani, Thailand) Gen Kathiya (#redshirt) says that it was the Abhisit government who gunned down Sondhi as pro assassins don't use pick-up trucks.
  3. Don
    smartbrain (Pathumthani, Thailand) @stshuting Sondhi promised to expose Anupong, Suthep and Newin on their conspiracy to stage a coup tonight. Perhaps that's the reason?
  4. Piriya Sambandaraksa
    piriya (Bangkok, Thailand) @stshuting "Abhisit was able to pull this off beautifully because he listens to a good strategist" I kinda get the feeling it was him, lol

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