April 17, 2009

Twitter reacts to Obama releasing Bush torture memos

Per guardian.co.uk, U.S. President Barack Obama released top secret memos that allowed Bush-era CIA interrogators to torture terrorist suspects. In an attempt to move forward, Obama will not be prosecuting the offenders but has ended their interrogation programs.

Twitterers spread the word about the memo release:

  1. Michael Hasko
    mhasko (Pittsburgh, PA) Obama releases 4 Bush-era memos about CIA torture, very little redacted. Read for yourself what our country did http://tinyurl.com/c4wzkv
  2. Eric Goldberg
    stumbling_eric (Undisclosed) Woah. You can read some of the Bush Torture Documents online now. Thanks President Obama!... http://su.pr/2zqtgj
  3. Cortney A.
    MalaproposDame (Undisclosed) Obama ends CIA interrogation program-crazy! http://tinyurl.com/c8ktjl
    (thanks, @whoissuresh
  4. Katy
    KatyinIndy (Undisclosed) RT @tweetdej: RT stephrosendahl Ex-CIA Director, Hayden: Obama endangers security w/memo release http://tinyurl.com/c84xun #tcot #sgp #hhrs

Many Twitterers are debating whether Obama should absolve the crimes. Most call for accountability.

  1. David Speigner
    pir8dave (New England) Upholding the laws on the books is a duty of the President. Obama is wrong on torture prosecutions. http://bit.ly/4aevVY
  2. Carlo Scannella
    cscannella (NYC) Obama letting this torture go is going to to cast a shadow on anything positive he ends up doing with his presidency.
  3. Monroe Anderson
    MonroeAnderson (Chicago, IL) Some change, Obama's wimp out on CIA torture is incredibly disappointing.
  4. Lemurs & Meerkat
    Lemurs_Meerkats (Undisclosed) Torture = Bad! So, no Obama Love this week [from @katharinehay] b/c of this: http://tinyurl.com/dclo6y
  5. HumanityCritic
    HumanityCritic (Virginia Beach, VA) Maybe I'm wrong here: As much as I want to see them jailed, prosecuting Bush officials would cripple Obama's presidency. What do you think?
  6. Greg Robinson
    mumbly_joe (NYC) Or, if we absolutely must protest Obama, the fact that these guys are getting a free pass? WE CAN'T MOVE FORWARD WITHOUT RESOLVING THE PAST

Several Twitterers also respond to MSNBC Keith Olbermann's critique of Obama's decision.

  1. Fake Virginia
    FakeVirginia (Virginia) Keith Olbermann says President Obama is wrong on the Bush torture memos. http://bit.ly/S8vIt Could this be something the #tcot crowd likes?
  2. Krista Pilot
    kjpilot (Gramercy Park, NYC) I think Obama is right - no good to be gained by pursuing former Bush administration over the torture memos. Sorry to Keith Olbermann.
  3. BrandonPickens
    BrandonPickens (Undisclosed) Olberman is urging Obama to prosecute BUSH with war crimes and to keep the fight going NO MATTER WHAT! I find new ways to hate Olby everyday
  4. Bill Wheaton
    yellowgnife (Decatur, GA) Listening to Olbermann giving hell to Obama for not prosecuting Bush. Like thats going to happen phtltht.

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