April 23, 2009

Strike ends for popular Tube line in London

Per BBC, the Victoria Line of London's underground railway system (the Tube) reopened on Thursday after service was halted on Wednesday due to a strike. The line is one of London's most popular, according to the article.

Some were able to simply refresh their Twitter stream to hear the news.

  1. BBC London Travel
    BBCTravelAlert #Tube - Morning faithful traveller. Let's start with the good; normal service on the Victoria line
  2. all_tubes
    all_tubes Victoria line has Good service
  3. Taylor Whitmer
    taywhit off to work and very glad that the Victoria line isn't on strike.

On Wednesday, London Twitterers noted the inconvenience of the Victoria Line strike, tweeting obscenities and personal stories.

  1. Tyron Stephens-smith
    Tyron11 victoria line suspended, it cost me four hours of my life... im gna [expletive] on the tube in protest next time im drunk
  2. Article_Dan
    Article_Dan Balls. Forgotten the [expletive] victoria line debacle. On heaving tube going nowhere I want to go.
  3. Stewart Stapleton
    stustap TFL are conspiring to stop me getting home tonight. No victoria line? Balham and Tooting closed?
  4. Peet81
    Peet81 Victoria line still closed [expletive] [expletive]! 88 dont fail me now!
  5. geoffrebbeck
    geoffrebbeck Delays to Euston and no Victoria line so not home until 9.30pm. Sigh... Now to prepare for AAV. at college
  6. Richard Mather
    m80her ... and wtf have Victoria line staff got to strike about!?! Get the [expletive] on with it and be glad you've still got a job, [expletive] unions...

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