April 23, 2009

Scientists puzzled over giant space blob

Per National Geographic, scientists have discovered a "giant space blob" 12.9 billion light-years away that has left them baffled.

The 4th largest object in the universe has been dubbed 'Himiko', after a well known Japanese queen, reports National Geographic. The article also says that Himiko is the size of a mature galaxy, but scientists believe that is a young galaxy from the cosmic dawn.

The Twitterverse had a variety of reactions, but most seem just as confused as the scientists:

  1. Jessica Beebe
    thestapeliaco Just read this headline: "Giant space blob found near dawn of time." Is this actual news or the title of the latest Orson Scott Card novel?
  2. leahshull
    leahshull Giant space blob?!? Where is Jean Luc when we need him? http://bit.ly/5sKOq
  3. PopSci
    PopSci A warm PopSci hello to 12.9-billion-year-old ultra-massive primordial space blob Himiko! http://bit.ly/VyvNh -PDA
  4. Mr. Chris
    SubverseRadio @tefkas Stubbed my toe earlier. Think it was Space Blob anxiety. For the sake of the kids, please can someone resolve this Space Blob crisis
  5. Christina
    tempestreverie A "space mystery blob" 12.9 billion light years away is named Himiko. Hah!
  6. mgstack1980
    mgstack1980 I'm so glad we discovered the blob in space. Take that Big Bang theory!

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